New Content, New People, New Direction

So it beginsParenting Know-How.  The Wormhole -- once a tiny little maggot -- has begun to grow.  I wanted to especially give props here to Use_Semicolons for having made a terrific comeback.  He has returned from a seven-year absence (hard to believe that the site's been around that long) to become one of the largest contributors to our beloved Wormhole.   I hope to soon setup a minimal-content page for him like the others.   Mad props going out to Zackeee, Knapp, and almost-The-Hat for having contributed as well.  They too shall get some notes scribbled up here.

I've also setup another domain (my last name) and gave it a different CMS today.  It's in test phase and I'm rather certain that I've already broken it, but we were off to a good start.  When all is said and done, I think I'm going to try launching it using "osCommerce" and trying my hand at what I'd long since intended to do -- setup an eCommerce website.

I really am thinking of gearing this stuff towards things that I find to be super super cool and talking about all the time.  For instance, I hope to sell some Cytosport products (specifically Muscle Milk and CytoGainer) as well as a handful of electronics.  The idea here is that I normally buy some of these things in mass for my friends and sell them at cost (or often below) because I really just think they're awesome.  I want the same to be true here.  That is, I want the handful of products I sell to be super super cheap to the end user insomuch that I don't actually make a profit -- or at least a significant one.  I'm shooting for less than 1% markup as my goal.   Any thoughts?

Well, it's been a horrific day so off to bed I go.  Best wishes everyone.  Cheers!