Thanks to Vinny-D for this one!



Oh yeah!

Welcome Violent Donkey!!!

Having Googlestalked herself all the way here, WuddaWaste officially recognizes and welcomes Radda Radda to the site!
Watch out!  This one has got quite the mouth on her and will pokey-finger you half to death if you're not careful.  Definitely not a force to be recokned with unless you're lookin for a world of torment.
Radda Radda, welcome and enjoy your stay!

WuddaWaste Welcomes SLOMOFO!!!

In the midst of a pog-hate-crime debacle on SLCSR, slomofo stumbled across WuddaWaste.com.   His underwhelment was  overwhelming as he discovered the true lack of content and site that resided here.  As a small tribute to him and everything he stands for I present the following offering:

slomofo penguin

May your stay be happy, short, and as unfulfilled as it was destined to be, good sir!


New Content, New People, New Direction

So it beginsParenting Know-How.  The Wormhole -- once a tiny little maggot -- has begun to grow.  I wanted to especially give props here to Use_Semicolons for having made a terrific comeback.  He has returned from a seven-year absence (hard to believe that the site's been around that long) to become one of the largest contributors to our beloved Wormhole.   I hope to soon setup a minimal-content page for him like the others.   Mad props going out to Zackeee, Knapp, and almost-The-Hat for having contributed as well.  They too shall get some notes scribbled up here.

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